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King bed with dream in Heartland Suite at Willows Inn
Floral mureal in bath in Heartland at Willows Inn

The Heartland Suite - $160 per night
The Hearland Suite is the ideal getaway for any couple.  A three-room suite decorated with an elegant yet casual style in mind, the Heartland oozes romantic details, from a large garden bath to a wood and wicker hutch that gives a Tuscan feel.  The suite includes a king-size metal and wood canopy bed, large leather sofa and fireplace, perfect for snuggling up in from of before going to sleep. A garden-theme mural surrounds the Jacuzzi tub, and coupled with dimming lights, candles and bath salts, makes for a satisfying way to transport to another world without leaving the comforts of the suite.  A small beverage and food station is located on the landing just down from the room, which allows any late-night snacker to quickly satisfy cravings they may have.

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